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Hi, I need some help downloading equity prices to an Excel spreadsheet. I guess it is more of a troubleshooting issue, but I could be wrong. This is what I have currently: 1) List of CUSIPs in Column A and currency in Column B. 2) Column C concatenates the currency indicator with “Equity Cusip.” (Ex: US Equity Cusip) 3) In column D, I’m pulling in the closing prices using the Px_last field. 4) Column E is what is giving me trouble. Currently I’m using the blpsh formula: Ex: Assuming cell C2 contains “893349837 US Equity Cusip”, D1 = “Px_last” and F1 has the date: “7/31/2008”, this is how the formula looks: =blpsh(C2,$D$1,$F$1) I have this copied down to all the CUSIPs. However, nothing is being downloaded and I’m either left with an N/A or a frozen Excel spreadsheet. It’s weird because the closing (last) prices show up right away - with no issue. I’m using BLP(C2,D1) for that column. I’d appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance

I must also mention that the only positive result I’ve got so far is the price for the the first row being updated - and nothing following that.

In column E2, type this formula: =BDH(C2,$D$1,$F$1,$F$1)

if you are following how they show you in the training video - dragging the formula down then it might not work… you’ll have to create a new formula for it row (first cell) then drag it to the right!! Also, try upgrade your terminal …mine worked after upgrading it… good luck…

chintz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > In column E2, type this formula: > > =BDH(C2,$D$1,$F$1,$F$1) No luck buddy. I’m getting a #NAME error. Anish, I already tried different ways of copying. Still no luck. Unfortunately our team shares two terminals, so I’m out of luck with the upgrade option.

I would suggest contacting bloomberg helpdesk then. they are pretty good about resolving these things. Double click HELP key.

cusip shouldnt come after equity.