Bloomberg help

What commands would I use to bring up the historical returns of the Russell 2000? I have never used the terminal before, have access to one, and am looking for annual and month returns for the last 10 years. Thanks for the help

it is easier with excel, actually you can download the time series with monthly observations, and then do simple calculations

I think you should digit: RDA index and then press teh button GO…

how would i do this?


i keep on using my excel approach… better for calculations open excel, and use bloomberg menu > import data once there, use “historical end of day”, use the ticker of the index, and select “px last” you can do this in an easier way typing the formula directly in a cell, but that is more complicated if you never used it before pd: go to bloomberg courses. you have a lot of possibilities with excel + bloomberg

Just keep slamming the Help button till a Rep comes on the line. Willy