Bloomberg on the Economy / BBG Surveillance now a Paid Subscription

I really like listening to Tom Keene’s “On the Economy” interviews, and I have listened to the podcasts on iTunes frequently. Now BBG wants to charge $99.99 for a years’ subscription. It sucks to have to pay, but I think it’s probably worth it. The interviews are good, and it also includes the Bloomberg Surveillance interviews too, which I haven’t followed as closely, but seem good. Any other opinions on the price change? Other listeners?

What? They ask like 25K a year for their service and now I have to pay for their pod casts too. That sounds wrong. Need to check. Are they on a revenue optimization mission?

I assume that the podcasts are for people that don’t have a Bloomberg terminal subscription. I’ve just been listening to them on my home machine.

I used to like listening on the way in using one of the podcast programs on my cell phone…now i use Moodio on my Droid…not perfect, but I get my Tom Keene fix! I didn’t know you could listen on a bloomberg terminal…hmmm…

Taking Stock is still free…I think

I used to stream Bloomberg radio at my desk all the time, but now I discovered that XMRadio streams CNBC, which has more fluff, but … I like listening to much better.

For some reason iTunes updated my surveillance stream today and I got all the podcasts to date for free? I think the free version is still active, but is abridged.

Nevermind, just listened to one, it sucks.

I think I’ll just switch to the Economists Schumpeter + Buttonwood all the way. It’s a rip off in any case.