Bloomberg prep for Level 3


I have access to Bloomberg prep for level 3 and wanted to have feedbacks of those who used it for 2019. How are the content, Mock exams and question bank ?

My plan is to use first CFA books, MM to have better explanations, consolidate the learning and finally use Bloomberg as review/practice.

Thanks for sharing your experience and advices

I use Bloomberg for 2019 and found it very help me especially their 8 mock exam on Item Set session compare with i use Kaplan on 2018. their mock exam is very similiar nuances with real CFAI Exam with some traps here & there. Doing their mock exam online is pain in the ass because the format is not easy to navigate. no matter you ask their support how to print mock exam they always reply cannot, but actually you can print them !! I goes for essential only –> upgrade another 2 mock exam pay another $100, contact support (totally become 8 mock exam) –> very rush just annotated the answer on question paper while see the answer on my macbook 10 days before real exam –> because before that i don’t know it can be printed out.

Ah also…the tutor credit is incredibly helpful. whenever you have confusing just ask the tutor, he usually will come back between 1-2 days with answers.

Thanks Jounin for your feedback !

Hi Hancock,

I used BloombergPrep for Level II this year and passed. I found the way they synthesize the material into micro-lessons and their inter-lesson Q&A format very helpful in keeping me engaged while studying.

Also, the ease of studying online is practical, as long as you have access to a computer. I purchased the Level III package about two weeks ago, and have been finding it decent so far as well.

I also agree with Jounin, the tutor service is helpful as well, whenever you hit a snag. Else, google is readily available sine you’re already on your computer.

As for the practice exams, I also found them a good help for the Level II exam, but would recommend complementing with CFAI’s mock exam and practice questions.

If it’s any help, I used Schweser for Level I, and decided to switch to Bloomberg Prep for Level II as I found it better suit my study style.

Lastly, I would just add that if you’re the type of person who likes to read a book, highlight, annotate, and make notes, then Bloomberg Prep may not be the best provider for you given my comments above.

Hope this of help!