Bloomberg prep tool


I will be truly greatful for your sincere answers about the Bloomberg prep tool, if you have an experience with it, or/and have heard others using this tool. I do hope that there are no marketing folks from Bloomberg here, as I am truly interested in genuine answers from candidates.

What other tools have your successfully used for successfull preparation, which offer at least online consulation with professionals, who do know various exam tricks ( I know there are many of those tricks, which we have to be aware of to pass the exam)? I know that Schwesser is highly recommeded, but have how have you used it?

I will be grateful for your insights and recommendations. I have found one option, suggested locally with 5 offline meetings with some guy from Earnst and Young who teaches CFA preparation based on Schwesser books, but that costs a lot, truly a lot, and I am not sure how helpful the prep is.

Thank you!


I don’t know that there are many “tricks” you need in order to pass. You do need a consistent study schedule, to finish all of the assigned readings (this can be through CFAI or another source, such as Kaplan Schweser,) to constantly drill down on practice problems and save enough time towards the end (at least 1.5 months) to take practice exams and refine your topic knowledge.

I would suggest Schweser (self-study for $650,) because that’s what I had success with. I also added Mark Meldrum to my study schedule for some topics - Mark offers free youtube videos and teaches each reading like a professor. He’s very helpful for the topic areas that you feel you aren’t understanding. I know that he personally got me through quant, which I struggled with in the beginning.

Those two sources are more than enough to help you pass, but the key (or “trick”) is consistency in your studies every week as well as repetition in practice. There isn’t one topic that is too hard to understand, the difficulty is in the amount of information you need to retain.

Hope this helps.