Bloomberg Press

Just wanted to know if anybody here buys books from them and/or you know how good they are?? I was interested in reading Fibonacci Analysis by Constance Brown. Thank you for the feedback.

Hi Anish, I haven’t seen u for a while. We had a set of question on the L2 exam, which we discussed just before the exam. The efficient curve. How did ur results go? amt

Hey Tom18606, Yes i remember you. I just try not to be addicted to this website, which i have to agree is very normal. The results went well. I cleared L II . =) … I read that you too. Congrats man. Anish

So do I. We should celebrate this sometime before L3 kicks in.

Sure… do you work in Manhattan?

Nope, I am in MD but often come to NY.

Then let me know when you come next time. You may email me at OTHERS: I am still looking for an answer to my question posted above. Thank you.