Bloomberg Question

I have very little knowledge of Bloomberg, but I need to pull out a monthly return stream since IPO for a particular stock. Can anyone give me the quick and dirty directions to do this?

Enter the company’s ticker, hit the Equity button, then type in TRA (total return analsyis) and hit Go. Adjust the time period being looked at - start at the date of the IPO and go through to today, switch the period to M - monthly and hit Go (don’t switch around any of the other points, unless you need to for your analysis). When you use the monthly period, BB automatically adjusts the time periods to the end of each month, i.e., if the IPO was on 12/15/04 and you enter that as your beginning period, and you were looking through today’s close (11/7/07), then it would give you returns from 12/31/04 through 10/31/07. To get the front and back end data, simply reset the time period for 12/15/04 through 12/31/04 and reset the period for D - daily, and then do the same for 10/31/07 through today’s close and match up your numbers. You can Page Forward through the data. Now getting the data from your BB terminal into Excel is a different story.

perfect - thanks a ton mc!