Dear All Anyone has tried any jobs in Bloomberg at Intern level. Can anybody guide me What kind of Jobs will we get after completing CFA

don’t know about Bloomberg at intern level, but after completing CFA…that’s a broad question…we all hope blah blah…great jobs

It all depends on what you are doing for Bloomberg. Bloomberg mainly a media, news, and communication device used by most brokers/dealers. It is also used by dealers to show inventory, even use as a risk/pnl maintenance system (Bloomberg Trading System). Do they also have Investment Management or trading opportunities? I could see them possibly having a need for research analysts for their media portion of the company.

All I know is it looks like it would be sweet to work there…I did bloomberg training at the building in NYC and the building is amazing. Plus everyone in my analyst class smuggled out about $100 worth of free food…

Bloomberg is one of the best companies you could work for in financial sector. No company came to my knowledge offers the same benefits as Bloomberg. I love Bloomberg terminal and Bloomberg as a company. Also I hope Mayor Bloomberg would consider a independent bid for white house!

It’s a neat company to work at (I think the building on Lexington Avenue looks a bit like the warp core of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, The Next Generation). However, I don’t think it’s really a place that will lead to the kind of roles that CFA candidates aspire to.

agree with bchadwick. Financial services vs. financial services providers. Reuters has a mean FX price reporting system, but that is different from a quant shop that uses the data.

Bloomberg service has gone downhill recently. Just try using the HELP HELP function. It is so that we only use Bloomberg as a last resort.