Blowing steam -- Multiple Regression Reading

I need to gripe a little. I know this is really over-reading, over-thinking, but…

The author of the Multiple Regression chapter must repeat verbatim about 1000 times “…violating the assumption that the independent variables are uncorrelated with the error term”. Says it over and and over… and yet … is that really listed among the Regression assumptions? Really? Which of the 6 listed assumptions for Multiple Regression actually says that?

This particular reading – unlike Econ and some of the Accounting – will probably never change, and in general it is quite good, but the author has some annoying tics like that. Unless of course I am blind and it is right there in text like he says.

OK – off my chest now – back to work.

It is funny how annoyed I’m getting at little quirtks in the texts. I’ve actually found myself Googling some of the author’s of the item sets cited in the CFAI texts trying to find out who the bastard’s that put them together are. I’m guessing our sanity will be start returning to normal on the 2nd.

I’ve done the same. Mental Health break starts June 2nd.