Blue box questions are numerous and taking a lot of time especially in equity.

How are you attempting them; just go through or practice thoroughly

Thats why some people reported the standard 300 hours are not be enough for L2!

If you decide to “just go through” the blue boxes, you should at least cover the EOCs thoroughly! I wouldnt recommend this approach though.

I never did the blue boxes, got enough work on the EOC of both the schweser books and the curriculum books (1650 exercises just there). Also used Qbank a lot for L1, but for L2 the mocks and practice tests were the hit.

Yea I just wrapped up all the equity EOCs this past week. They’re definitely long and many of them are quantitative in nature and not multiple choice, so you really have to work through a lot of them. I don’t really do BBPs, I do the Wiley problems/question bank + EOCs and score well enough that I’m confident to move onto other material. I’d put your focus on the EOCs, if you’re performing well move on. If you’re not performing well, then maybe check out the BBPs and do them “open book”?