Blue Boxes

Hey all, looking for a bit of input.

I’ve studied with Schweser and i’m currently reviewing using CFAI. In past levels i’ve always reviewed all the blue boxes before hitting the EoCs but at level 3: a) there seems to be a much larger number of BB’s as a percentage of the text, so it’s proving quite arduous to keep on track, and b) CFAI writing style is woeful for concentration levels.

In short - are BB’s as vital for level 3 as 1 and 2?

p.s Please don’t just say i should skip CFAI and be on past exams by now - I’ve factored in enough time to take at least 6 full plus more AM sections before d-day in addition to covering BB & EoC

there are far more blue boxes and if you are doing them for the first time - your estimation of factored time (unless you are a very fast test taker and grader) for 6 FULL plus more AM sections as you put it, is like to fall short. This is based on the less than 3 weeks left for the exam.

the blue boxes also cover a lot of material that is eminently testable - both in the AM and the PM.

Perhaps it’s just the books I’m working from - however, I started blue books today and am cranking through these things. Mind you - I know the the curriculum well and have done cfai eoc q’s twice already

Much of this exam is qualitative