Blue or Black

No joke. I was thinking whether pen color used has an effect on the grader’s behavior? Is he/she likely to award less marks to those papers answered with black ink. I googled and even found a discussion somewhere. What color are you using?

Once you go black you ll never go back.

worry about studying man

Just e-mailed CFA institute to ask if there is a current preference. Sounds dumb, but it’s a valid quesiton.

Well, yeah I was thinking to do that but felt ashamed. Nice then. Do post the reply here.

different graders grade each question - IT DOESNT MATTER

If anyone is actually worrying about this, you are completely wasting your time. You’ve made it to a week away from possibly earning the charter, there is zero reason to be thinking about this at all. Of course there is probably some remote validity to this. There’s also a chance that a grader just got divorced or just won the lotto or is happy/angry about the weather. All of these thing COULD have an effect on how they grade you, but really who cares? It’s not in your control.

In the time this post was created and replied to, we all could’ve done a few more ethics questions that will (hopefully) not be affected by the mood ofthe scantron machine.

Study while u shower and compensate for the time Lost here.