BNN Guests

for the canucks, you know when the guests come on BNN to answer questions about stocks and economics, are the calls real time? or do they take the question on tape, allow the person to do some thinking, then play it as if it was live? these people know a hell of a lot, its very impressive.

I’m pretty sure it’s live. Market call isn’t the same with Jim!

The calls are live, but they speak to a producer first, tell them the question and the producer gives the guest and host a heads up.

the person is asked to leave their question on a tape, then they play the taped question to the guest. That is why mostly everyone says “thank you, bye” after they asked the question. They make it seem live by the host pretending he is talking to the person live “Jim from ottowa, go ahead”.

IH8FSA, that’s what I suspect too. the fact that no one tries to actually have a convo is the first clue. EVERYONE knows the drill, which is highly suspect. the second clue is the fact that these guys never slip up. I know they’re smart but they’re humans too. I have been watching for like a few months only though, but I have never seen a guests on there unsure, they have the answers right away (maybe this is why they’re pros). there is only one way to find out. call. I’m going to call in and see if i can ask out Amanda Lang.

you are right Frank, the guys alsways know the answers, that is standard in most interviews, tell the interviewee the questions beforehand to be more prepared.

IH8…i’m watching BNN now. i’m noticing that perhaps they can be live. sometimes they say…“caller”, and no one is there. also, i seen one of the host cut off a call. I think it can be live. man, these guys are impressive. Mark Grammar was on talking about GM and he says his wife is looking into buying a GM. that is strange, i would’ve thought they would be buying Bentleys or at least Benz.

Galen Weston from what I hear drives a VW Rabbit, and the owner of Ikea drives a volvo!