Bogleheads net worth survey (experience your own hacksaw)

I thought this was interesting. Most people seem pretty normal, and I think it is a good benchmark population, that is people who have money to invest and obsess over investment forum…

quick tip use the pivot tab or summmary tab.

yep im far more than the median but these people have more than i expected. im used to seeing 35 at like negative net worth

my parents are way behind though. they are like 55 and the median is 3m. lol they are not even close to 1. i feel so bad for them.

well done btw ohai this is good stuff.

nice find ohai

One of the downfalls of net worth calculations always seems to be the modeling of the defined benefit pension. If you’re fifty and have ten Gs coming to you every month, I say model it as the cost of an immediate annuity that would pay the same. Some, not all, of these retired cops, fireman, and teachers are loaded compared to the average bear. Now if we can get municipalities to pay for the benefit when earned, I imagine some of these labor contracts would look a whole lot different.

yahoo survey

Where do you see $3m as the median net worth? That seems very high. I see $145k per your website.

^for the bogleheads website. the google docs that ohai posted. check the summary tab.

@OP - do you spend a lot of time on BH? Same handle?

What’s your overall opinion of the place? (That is, if you can get past the “Bogle is God” mentality.)

Seems like a good forum, although I do not post there. People do a good job of staying on topic. Also, many members are quite old, as the survey shows. People really go there for financial planning discussion, not just to talk about random sht. Even their random sht can be pretty boring like “I want to buy a used Honda Accord, what is my best financing option”. So, it is nice to browse sometimes for the content, but I really would not derive any pleasure from discussing anything there.

who is bogle?

If you’re married, is it split in two, or do you consider your total net worth to be combined assets? More a question of how you think about your net worth vs calcs for a specific reason.

i think you gotta do it per capita so split

In my case, a vast majority of our household net worth is from me, so I’m ok rounding up.

bogle is a dance move

Ah ok. I got confused from your separate link. Thx

this was a joke, right?