Boiler Room

Oldie but goodie. My friend and I were talking about this dumb racist movie and wondered about working in a boiler room. Anyone care to confess dialin’ and smilin’ while making rips?

No way, most of us are the privileged waspy white guys that didn’t have to join such a place. The closest thIng on here to a boiler room is somebody who works IT in Bangalore answering phone calls from Midwesterners but is hoping to switch to buy side after passing level 1.

That movie is awesome.

Act as if (Ben knows)

^ Disagree. Bunch of assclowns acting all hard and quoting rap music such as Notorious BIG (RIP). They be dropping N bombs here and there and just coming off as a bunch of suburbanites who swear they grew up off Crenshaw near Compton.

great movie, all time great…I’m afraid the racist thinking is alive and well…but lets face it, the racism in my view stems partly from jealousy and envy and half on bad experience…

^ you’re about as black as I am Indian.


This thread is about to go one of any variety of different directions.

with insights like that, you should become a color commentator.

Affleck’s speech was one of the best ever.

JayLo’s ass vs Kim K? Discuss.

You hurt me with that one my ninja (what me and my other more urban suburbanite roll dog call each other).

No JLo sex tape, hard to form an objective opinion

Kim is hotter but less useful…J Lo is more valuable to have around…

Is that value based on relative valuation or dcf?

None of the above.

Jennifer Lopez seems like a not bad person. Although, she did star in some really terrible romantic comedies.

ohai, are you suggesting that you did not really enjoy The Wedding Planner?

I think you need bchadwick level of emotional maturity to appreciate some of those movies…

To give credit to Jennifer Lopez, she did star in the 1997 classic, “Anaconda”. Similar to “Boa vs. Python”, which is a real movie that I highly recommend.

This is clearly the new benchmark for emotional maturity. What Would Bchadwick Do?