Bombed math test

Had an interview yesterday with an IB and completely failed the math test. There was about 20 questions and I only answered 5. Interview was for an analyst position with the underwriting dept.

If it was a hard test, you might still be OK. I’ve screwed up hard excel tests and then been told that I had the top score. Go figure.

Tell them you had a sex change operation lately, and that your poor math skills can be attributed to the fact that you were originally a women. If they call you out, threaten to sue them for discrimination against transgender candidates. This approach is fool proof.

Thinking outside the box: I like it.

Just got the green flag email for next round! I guess people skills are better than math skills. Woohoo!

Math test was prob really easy, just froze under pressure. Stuff I would imagine to see on the gmat.

Good luck