Bonus for passing

I was given 20 virgins and a temple was built in my honor

Absolutely Nothing. Company won’t even pay for any exam until two years in.

My company hasn’t paid anything directly, but my boss is interested in my studies and just promoted me - maybe as a result of my studies… (800$ more per month)

CFAin2009 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My boss doesn’t even know what the CFA is… or > hardly. > > But my firm (through a HR program) paid me the > Stalla program. So the HR seem to appreciate it a > bit more. No bonus here… I am in a very similar situation as above.

I don’t have to pass any exam for me to get some from the janitor…let’s be serious… Ok - joking aside - the bonus is when you can command a higher salary at a new gig

ValueAddict - There is some truth in that. I think they starting giving out bonuses here because people were passing L1 or L2 and then leaving.

wow…you guys get bonuses…unreal. i got a “what took you so long” speech.

leveltwo - I got comped for it in terms of minimal out of pocket expenses. My firm pays the exam fee and the books (no study aids though).

I moved jobs that was it.

i got no stress.

I got the “so you need to take more tests for this CFA?” speech. Sad.

wanderingcfa…trust me, i know what you mean…my parents have said the same thing!

although i used to work as an analyst with a major regional investment bank (read brokerage like ML with i-bank thrown in as a side), they didn’t pay for any CFA expenses, only Series xxx expenses. since they didn’t help with the exam i didn’t expect a bonus anyway. well i guess there’s a reason why that bank is still regional…cheap management

ValueAddict Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > One of the hot secretaries took me into the broom > closet for LI. why ? to hit you with the brooms ???

At my company you don’t get a bonus. Instead, you become a God and they build a bronze statue of you outside the building, next to the entrance of the company. Its pretty cool.

I’m with a couple of other people above, I had to carefully explain to my boss what the CFA was, after which he replied with, “so would you say it’s almost as hard as the CMA?” (he has one). Shoot me now, I just want a career change to a bulge bracket firm and be done with it.

Meh I work for the same company leveltwo . Have you got your bonus yet ?

Ever hear of a joke? ha ha?? I suppose not. ok