Bonus Structure for CFA

It seems that a lot of companies give a bonus for passing each level or a one time bonus after the charter is obtained. I am curious as to what everyone’s company policy is for this. Typically I have seen 2K for passing L1, 3k for L2, 4K for L3…

I have only read about this in this forum. I have never received anything for passing and getting the Charter. But yeah, try to get something…

I get a measly £1k per exam. Still, pays for a suit.

they should pay $5000 for level 2. Level 1 and level 3 should be cheap… like $20 or $30.

the only ‘bonus’ i got was having my firm pay for the exam itself if i passed. So not really a bonus, just more a break even.

No bonus at my firm, but I’m pretty sure my passing a test counts rather positively at the end of year review/bonus. Will compare next year when there are no more tests to be passed.

Ya, a bonus is tied in with my passing (I was told) plus reimbursement… I’ll let you know after January…

I eBayed my Schweser flash cards after getting reimbursed by my company. So I got a sweet bonus to the tune of $150.

I’d be happy to get a week off (paid) before the exam;))

oh ya, i got the week off before the exam every year as well…again, not really a bonus. overall though - i could care less about getting the bonus as soon as you pass the exam because either the firm pays up at your next review/bonus time or you start looking elsewhere…and that base plus bonus increase would or at least should be much higher than $1k or two.

For those us fortunate enough to be encouraged (in some cases, made) to do CFA, how much time off do people get? I think I’m lucky this year (new job) - 10 days off and they pay for a course which will entertain me for 8 saturdays in 1H08. Woohooo

2 days lol, so much for my vacation… and the designation is required…

I get 3 paid days off for studying. Can’t complain about that.

generally i’ve been given a week. although one year that was reduced to 2 days cuz stuff happens and they needed me at the office.