Book 1 - Ethics & Quant.

Just finished book #1 last night. Did all the questions throughout the readings as well as the end of chapter questions and my god was this material ever dense. I’m hoping I can tear through economics in one week to make up some time and then I’ll most likely get bogged down with FSA. Anyone else find the first book daunting in terms of density of material? For those who are onto the second and third books, is it any easier going?

I agree with the density. I got through Ethics relatively quickly and the TVM stuff. I’m inching through all of the prob and stats stuff right now hoping to finish by the end of the week at the latest. I’m also hoping to fly through the econ stuff too and I’m sure FSA is going to be as time consuming as the stats for me. Having a college and professional background in this stuff and thumbing through the material, I knew that stats and FSA would be the most time consuming for me. It seems we are pretty close in terms of progress so good luck to you!

Yes, it is. I am starting SS3 which I hope to finish by the end of the week. Not sure about finishing economics in one week. I am planning to spend two weeks in eco and then onto FSA.