Book 2 (7) scores

Just took Exam 1 Morning and bombed 33/60 i.e. 55%. Those exams are tough as everybody felt. I think Q-bank and Book 1 would be enough for now. Will buy some mock from CFAI next month.


Damm 55% in Book7 commensurates to atleast, if not more, a 133%, on a pro-rate basis, in the real deal. You are GOLD!

55+13.75% is still fail. Need to score at least 70 in real exam. Ethics, FSA and EQT have to be in higher than 70s

I meant you will get 120/120 (100%) and 33% more for neatness.

cfaboston28, why are you saying that Ethics, FSA and EQT have to be in higher than 70s? I was under the assumption that the score of the exam should be over 70%, so if you have score between 50 and 70 % in FSA or Eqty for instance you can still passs… that was my thought.

you can still pass but it is nice to score more than 70s in main sections.

yep you’re right, was afraid of learning that CFAI had changed the passing-rules :))