book 6/7 worth the time???

i was about to start digging thru these today, but some ple are saying they are a waste of time? whats the consensus? worth doing? or is my time better spent somewhere else?

I did 3 parts of the book6 tests, and realized that there is just way to much noise in the questions and Im better off focusing on the CFAI tests online and reading. I’ll confirm if this worked in 2 months hah…

I am about to start on book 6, to see if i get anywhere. and on controversial questions refer to cfai text, that’s my plan. kind of worried.

talked with a couple buddies who passed L1 and heres the concensus: 1. take a couple book 6/7 tests. if you score 65-80 more than two times and you are crunched for time this week, your doing fine, review all the weak areas hard instead of taking more exams. 2. q bank on intermediate + tough q’s = tougher than the real exam. schweser books 6/7 = tougher than the real exam. 3. spend more time on ethics and FSA than anything else. …all of which makes sense to me. i dont have the week off, i dont have more than 25 hrs left to study (maybe 30-45 if i just give up sleep), and this is exactley what i will be doing.

thanks for the input guys! im gonna hit up exam 1, see how it goes…

I’d say focus on the CFA tests. Just took the mock and was shocked by how different it was from the schweser material. Almost exclusively concepts over calcs!!