Book 6 Answers, link?????

Can anyone provide the answers without online access? Because I got the books off a mate who sat the exam in June. It’s VERY frustrating trying to figure out the very tricky ones.

sorry but thought i might as well use this post…anyone knows which exam of bk 6 is the most difficult. Thanks =)

So far exam 2 PM session has been the trickiest one for me atleast!! :slight_smile:

thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

ya thanks man really u r a life saviour

Which of the 3 Schweser exams is the toughest. /

^ I would also like to know which exam out of the 3 exams in the Schweser-Book-6 is the toughest?

no problem guys! Good luck studying. I’ve only attempted Exam 1 so far. It was definitely tricky, but not so bad. I’ve heard that it gets harder progressively, so I’m assuming Exam 3 is the hardest.

I scored the least in 1 PM.

delhirocks Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I scored the least in 1 PM. me too.