Book-6 Exam-1 AM [Panic, Worried, Scared] ... should I Withdraw??

I just took the Book-6 Exam-1 AM session [78%] and found it to be very difficult and very time consuming, the questions were unnecessarily long and they were pretty calculator intensive, for some question it took me more than 90 seconds to just read and understand the question itself. Some Real Estate/ Asset-Equity Valuation questions took me more than 15 minutes to solve and get to the wrong answer. Since I did not review my formulas before taking the test, I usually blanked out on most of the questions that needed a formula to start with. I didn’t ‘time’ my test but supposedly think it took me 4 hours to complete the exam, I am expecting the actual exam to be way easy (is it???) than this junk that I just gave. Now I am very stressed out and seriously worried. Anybody having similar experiences? How should I be planning my next week? Accounting for the extra 1 hour (-10%) and guess work (-10%), I think I need to do a lot of book grinding with just 78%-10%-10% = 58% on Book-6-Exam-1 Any suggestions would be highly appreciated The RED PANIC BUTTON is auto-activated!! - Dinesh S

DUDE ive heard schweser is A LOT more calc intensive than the real deal i.e. the real deal has like 15 calc questions max, so the fact that there will be so many CONCEPTUAL questions is what is making me worried now. 78% is no joke, i think you are faring well, if you fared well in the CFAI sample exams. try book 6 exam 2PM and 3AM and see how you do, as i found those two hard.

Dinesh Don’t panic, scoring 78 is a great score on that exam…honeslty during the real exam time isn’t even an issue…and as niraj says calculations are minimal…you will be fine…try a cfai exam and Im sure you will feel much better

dinesh how have you done on the CFAI sample exams? let me know as I am contemplating spending on them tomorrow morning.

LOL Dinesh, you of all people should not be panicked. From your (many) other posts you seem like you really know this stuff. As I assume you have read many threads on this forum, you know that Book 6 exams take longer than the real thing. Besides, the average was 64% on that exam. I say just keep reviewing, take a few more practice tests, and you will be fine on Saturday. (If you don’t remain panicked)


I have just managed to gather-myself-up, gained some confidence to look back at my Laptop screen. Thanks guys…. Do you recommend going ahead with these exams?? Or should I start taking the CFAI exams?

i think u are doing great…really! :slight_smile: what were your individual sections scores?

niraj_a Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > dinesh how have you done on the CFAI sample exams? > > > let me know as I am contemplating spending on them > tomorrow morning. niraj, I have not taken any till now, But looking at how different Schwser and real exams are, I am planning to take one exam CFA-version-1 tomorrow probably late in the evening, after I have gone through the formula sheet.

brother, you’re fine. forget all the number crunching tho and hit as many as the cfai exams as possible. you’ll feel like you are flying through the cfa exams compared to the schweser exams. you can do a cfa exam in 1.5 hrs so do a couple back to back to simulate a real session.

C’mon dinesh - On Thursday I give passing odds and I will bet on your passing. Your getting good odds. You have studied very diligently for this exam (I don’t like your calculation above, btw) and seem to have a fine grasp on most of this material. Keep studying but you have no use for a panic button.

niraj_a, how would you rate the 3rd exam on Schweser the afternoon session. THat is the only Schweser exam I have given and would like to compare it to the other Exams ? Thanks,

Dinesh, I’m still far behind you…

Dinesh, i reckon the best way to ‘use’ these book 6 exams are to look at your individual topic scores… so you know which area you should be spending the last week revising… i think this is the most efficient way to go about it… maybe review your weakest topic area after each exam, and ‘hopefully’ the next one will be an improvement in taht area… by the time you finish book 6, you should be sweet =)

smeet, i think exam 3 pm is a on par with exam 1 and exam 2 am. i found exam 2pm and exam 3am the hardest. not to mention that i had done these almost 3 weeks ago when i didnt know as much as i know now. this forum has seriously added value to me in 3 weeks for sure.

Thanks all for those lovely inspirational words. I think this last week is all about psychological makeup of thy self more than anything else. Thanks Joey, It’s been a steep learning curve for me. Hope I safeguard you betted money. Sorry guys, I did abscond from the forum to sabotage the Schweser-Book-6-Exam-1-PM and came back thwarted. Just 68% in Exam1-PM. I am so done with these Schweser books!! I don’t think the Actual exam would he ½ as much difficult as this. These guys are way off track in preparing the book-6. They are a joke to humanity/mankind!! Since the pass percentage is 40% for L1, I am assuming the FINAL EXAM to be easier than these junky ones? I mean, I was using my calculator for each question around 3 times and at the actual exams we just need to use it for approx 15 times. I am doing no more of Schweser Book-6. I’ll just revise the formula sheet and start with the CFA-Exams serially 1 to 5 Ohh Goood … gimme the power…

If u want a confidence boost… take exam 3 PM … That was the first and only exam i took and it went well

smeet Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If u want a confidence boost… take exam 3 PM … > That was the first and only exam i took and it > went well No more Schweser dear, I’m just hitting straight on those CFAI-Exams.

I took CFAI-Exam-V1 and scored 73%. I was shocked to see the theorotical nature of the exam, so different from Schweser. Planning to take V3 tomorow!!

They are very different from schweser, I had heard before that Book6 exams are easier than the real ones. Based on my limited sample of ver 1 & 3 (ver1 was easier), I think these require more presence of mind.