Book 6 Exam 1 Morning Session Results....

Just took the book 6 exam 1 morning session and scored exactly 70% (84 of 120). The avg score so far is 63%. My score is listed first (83% for ethics) and the avg score listed second (69% for ethics). I understand these are easier than the actual exam, so no questions regarding that. But can anyone chime in on how accurate these exams pinpoint weaknesses and what else to take away from the results? I feel like I need to spend time on SS10 based on my score, but is SS10 really that important? It’s also strange that in Qbank My SS3 score is much higher than SS2, but in this morning exam it was vice-versa. Scores Ethical and Professional Standards Session 1 83%69% Quantitative Methods: Basic Concepts Session 2 89%68% Quantitative Methods: Application Session 3 40%58% Economics: Microeconomic Concepts Session 4 100%80% Economics: Market Structures and Macroeconomic Concepts Session 5 100%79% Economics: Macroeconomic Theory Session 6 50%53% Financial Statement Analysis: An Introduction Session 7 100%67% Financial Statement Analysis: The Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement Session 8 57%63% Financial Statement Analysis: Inventories, Long-Term Assets, Deferred Taxes, and On- and Off-balance-sheet Debt Session 9 83%65% Financial Statement Analysis: Techniques, Applications, and International Standards Convergence Session 10 50%60% Corporate Finance Session 11 40%55% Portfolio Management Session 12 67%69% Markets Session 13 75%52% Equities Session 14 63%62% Fixed Income Session 15 75%58% Fixed Income Session 16 60%51% Derivative Investments Session 17 67%63% Alternative Investments Session 18 75%55%

I actually got 70% on Book 6 exam 1 morning session last week. The book 6 exams are just as difficult as the real exam. Schweser Qbank is easier though.

dude, u are fine. you have a tons of time and you are already killing the poo nanny. keep up the good work.

Book 6 is as difficult as the real exam? Really? I was under the impression the exam was much harder than any of the pratice exams available.

newsuper Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Book 6 is as difficult as the real exam? Really? > > I was under the impression the exam was much > harder than any of the pratice exams available. I’ve read so many different opinions on Book 6 vs. the real exam I’m using it as a reasonable gauge. I’ve read that Book 6 is much easier, about the same, just the same, and actually harder than the exam. I think it just depends on the person.

BrokenSocialScene, did you write the exam after you read the curriculum once or did you review it several times before writing the test?

AliMan, I have not read any of the CFAI curriculum. I’ve read through Schweser notes twice and done many, many QBank questions. I took my own notes the second time reading through Schweser notes, but have not really studied them yet. I’m hoping that after really studying my notes my Book 6 scores will go up. There were a number of questions I got wrong that I knew I had taken notes on, but I just couldn’t remember the answer. Also, I won’t start a thread on Book 6 exam 1 afternoon session, which I took yesterday morning, but I thought it was 10x harder than the morning session. I thought I was going to score about a 50%, so I was pleased with 65%. That sucker was tough! BSS

so far i’ve taken 2 stalla practice tests, 1 CFA sample and 1 schwesser book 6 test. scores ranged from 71-77. so small sample size but they appear similar in level of difficulty - now I just hope that they correlate strongly with the CFA exam.

Guys, I passed L1 in June with all sections >70% Book 6 is different from the real exam. In my opinion the actual exam was actually easier than Book 6. Book 6 tests your ability to crunch all the numbers quickly. The real exam isn’t as calculation-intensive. I would take about 2.5 - 3 hours to finish a Book 6 exam, but I finished each of the sessions of the real exam with over 45 minutes to spare. Nevertheless, I think Book 6 is a good gauge of your potential performance on game day. Also, I thought the sample and mock exams from the CFA website were harder than the real thing. So roughly, I would say the order of difficulty is this: Book 7 (I only did 1 of these exams, and I suggest you skip this book altogether) Mock exams from web Sample exams from web Book 6 REAL EXAM QBANK This is just my 2c.

topher, Thanks for the advice, it’s really appreciated! I’d say your post was good news too. Is book 7 just riduciously hard? I think I remember reading that somewhere. Taking all of them is in my schedule, maybe I’ll take them out if they’re a waste of time… BSS

Broken, Judge for yourself below. On the one Book 7 exam I did, I probably spent like 3.5 - 4 hours and barely got 71%. Post your FINAL practice scores here Posted by: topher (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: June 4, 2008 05:31PM Book 6 Exam 1 AM - 80.83% Exam 1 PM - 83.33% Exam 2 AM - 76.67% Exam 2 PM - 80.00% Exam 3 AM - 75.83% Exam 3 PM - 83.33% Book 7 Exam 1 AM - 71.67% (went way over time) Qbank 3700 questions complete by the end, 80-85% consistently sample 1 - 71 sample 2 - 68 sample 3 - 76 Mock 1 - 79% Mock 2 - 76%

Thanks topher. Did you find that your section/session scores were consistent between CFAI and Schweser? In corp finance I scored 75% on the first CFA sample, but 50% in Book 6 exam 1 AM & PM combined. So I’m confused as to whether corp finance is a true weakspot for me or not.

Don’t worry Broken. I think you’ll be fine. There’s still 1.5 months left. The only thing you need to do is do more questions and re-read the parts where you may lack some understanding. 2 tests is not a large enough sample to determine if it’s a weak area. Just do many, many questions.