Book 6 Exam II PM Session - 69.17%

I took the Book 6 Exam II PM session this morning and scored a 69.17%, or 83 out of 120. Very disappointed with the score. I was guessing and hoping I scored 75%+. Ethics killed me. 6 out of 18 for 33%. That’s the lowest I’ve scored on Ethics for any tests I’ve taken thus far. I didn’t read over Ethics before taking the test this morning, so I guess the silver lining is that if I scored 13 out of 18 on Ethics (which is just above 70%), I would’ve scored 75% overall. The thing that bothers me the most is that on Oct 11th I took Book 6 Exam I AM and scored 70%, so I feel as if I haven’t made any progress. Anyone have thoughts on that? It does seem like each Book 6 exam session gets tougher, but still… I plan to take my first Mock next Saturday, any advice on preparing for that or advice in general?

Hi! By book 6 you mean the Schweser practice exams? Don’t worry too much… I’ve done that test (E2 Afternoon) as well and scored 8/18 in ethics… with 90 overall… I usually get about 12 from ethics so sth was wrong with that one :slight_smile:

Keep pounding QBank and the exams. It’s a pretty solid score at this stage in the game.

67% here, that was the hardest one by far. I have been getting 74-76 on everything else! About to go through and take notes on what I did wrong, I felt ethics was a bit trickier than I was expecting

Ethics killed me on this one too. On other i managed to get a respectable score in ethics. Otherwise i seem to score aroud 80% quite easily. With time to spare. I get the feeling that the real thing will be much tougher:-).

Well… I heard Schwesers are representative of the real thing… I heard that the rule is if you get above 70% in Schweser practice tests then you pass the real exam :slight_smile:

Its ok to score low (sometimes) on the practice exams as long as you go back and revise the material pertaining to the questions u answered wrong. I scored low on many of my practice exams but cleared level 1 with good scores. Take the low score as an opportunity to see where u are lagging and revise and strengthen those areas in your revision.

One thing i realised was that the questions would not simply ask you point blank on what will be a simple cause-effect relationship under topics (FSA) where there’s quite a lot of things to memorise. last min memorisation of the schweser summary tables is not gonna help you understand the exam questions. therefore, you really need to rework the concepts into your head and learn to recognise the questions no matter how weird/different the question may look like.