book 6 page55 EOC number 23

“he desk placed a limit order to buy 10,000 shares at $17.05 or better. After buying 3,200 shares at $17.05, the market traded up and closes at $17.20. No further shares were bought that day. DAM paid $96 in commissions , and the VWAP for the day’s trading was 17.00. The next day, Wednesday, the desk buys another 3,000 shares at $17.25. The mar- ket closes at $17.50 and no further action is taken. The desk pays $0.02 per share in commissions for these trades.

“23. At the end of Wednesday, DAM’s implementation shortfall on the NVRO trade is closest to: A. $1,084. B. $2,434. C. $4,376.”

My question :why are they not using the 96$ comission and only using the 0.02*6200 shares commission

please check erratum on this. they updated it to 64$ on commission (to be consistent with 0.02 per share).