Book 6 Vs. Q bank

Do the Schweser sample tests books (Book 6) include the Q bank questions from online ? I’m trying to determine if I should do the test books or continue with the test management in Q bank ? Thanks for the help.

Do book 6! It is much harder than Qbank. Goodluck

So these questions are not included in the Qbank forsure ? I see they are numbered just like the Qbank questions and assumed Schweser had just selected a number of Q bank Q’s I was pretty sure I ran across some of the same questions using Qbank as in Book 6

I am not sure if the questions are repeated. I have only done the AM session of exam 1 and scored 68%. In Qbank i am scoring at least 80%. I am going to take the rest of book 6 this week and hopefully you are right and they repeat questions

I think Book 6 is quite a killer. WOnder how they compare to CFAI Mock exams…anyone got any clue?

Book 6 is definitely harder than QBank. A few of the questions were not new to me, not sure if that was because of QBank or from reading AF too much…

I got owned by book 6. 68% on test 1 PM, but actually 58% when I adjust for going 10 minutes over time :frowning:

Book 6 has been no harder than qbank test management there are a number of the same questions. I would just like to know if all the questions are in the Qbank.

jonnyc, Book 6 is harder than qbank and no, the questions do not overlap.

I’ve scored no different on the average 100 question Q bank than I have on the tests in Book 6. However I do exclude the easy questions when doing Q bank.