Book 6

hi, does anyone have the solutions for the book 6 practice exams that they could send to me? my email is I have the answers but I am really stressed here without the explanations. any help is appreciated. thanks

this was schweser’s big plan to keep people from copying the books or buying them secondhand! you got screwed! caught in their trap! i don’t have the l1 books as i wrote last year but I would totally help you if i did. it is very cheap of schweser to do this. someone on here should be able to help you out anyway. it would be a good way for someone to build up some good karma heading in the exam! l1 is tough! good luck to you.

Does the software have the answers? Or do you have to get them on-line?

Yeah - I am in the same situation… can anyone please also email them to me as well??? I think the answers are pretty unhelpful without the explanations. I don’t understand how some people got the explanations and others didn’t. any ideas??? help!!

I beleive you can get the detailed explanations when you log in to your schweser account. There is a place wehre you post your book 6 scores and then they print out the answers with solutions. They will also give you a chart that shows your performance in comparison to your peers. hope this helps but if you bought schweser second hand you may be screwed unless you can get the login info from the previous owner

if it’s the same for level 1 materials as it was for level 2 - and i think it is - then schweser requires you to login in to the website with the login you have from ordering the materials and input your answers to get the the correct answers and the explanations. if you didn’t get your books by ordering them from schweser you can’t do this. it’s a pretty good idea from schweser’s perspective as it eliminates the whole secondary market for their books. not good for you if you bought the books second hand though…

Thanks. Doesn’t that mean I have to do the test online?

Can someone send me schweser Book 6 solution? It would really really help! We got less than 2 weeks before the exam!! And it’s not very helpful to have the answer without the solution… Thanks *crossing my fingers*

have you got specific questions you could put up, maybe?