Book 7 - HOLY MOLY

I figured what the hell, I’ll do a Book 7 test. Opened to 2 AM … wow. Very difficult. I basically just ended up zipping through it and trying to do problems I knew, and I think I’m just going to go into the database and read all the answers, maybe even to all the Book 7 tests. But geez! I did all the Book 7 tests for Level 1 and I don’t remember them being this much more difficult than the rest of the tests. Or maybe I’m just way less prepared. At any rate, it’s making me super nervous even though I’m fairly certain that they’re not very representative of the actual exam. I’m thinking at this point I should just do repetitive Question Bank problems for weak areas with the questions set to Medium and Hard, and then just go over a lot of the reading and write down a lot of equations. Let me know if anyone else has thoughts on this.

Book 7 is a lot harder than the CFAI mock exams, leading me to believe it’s not a good proxy for the difficulty of the realy thing. I would recomend taking mock 1 & 2, CFAI presents slightly differently much less reading which is nice.

I second this. Well, I can’t vouch for L2, but my experience with the L1 book 7 was miserable. I know you disagree, but I loathed those tests. I didn’t even do that badly (67-77% range on each of the sections I did, probably 2 full exams total), I just felt like there couldn’t have possibly been a worse way to prepare for the real thing. Extremely calculation-oriented, with calculations that are way more involved than the actual test, and the entire thing was far more time demanding. Basically, it did a terrible job of preparing you for what the test was ACTUALLY going to be like, both question style and time-wise. There are much better ways to spend your last few days.

do you mean the schweser practice exams?