Book 7 Prior CFA questions?

I just looked in the front of book 7 and it says 2005 and 2006 prior CFA example questions, there is 84 of them. Are these things real? CFAI let them use questions from previous tests? Are these the same as the samples given by CFAI? Anyway, did them and got a 78%.

78! phew! Should be true, dunno!

I believe (I think I read it on Schweser website, but not sure) that these are the same questions as the ones in the end of chapter examples in the CFAI text, but put together in one format. Also, some of the answers have more detailed explanations than in the CFAI text. By the way, 78%! Way to go! I am planning on doing these questions in a couple days…

I dont get it, 78 on the CFA test, 68 on schweser book 6 Exam 3