Book 7 vs. CFA Mock Exams

Good Early Morning to you all… I’ve done the Book #7 exams with all scores over 75%. However, i’ve taken two mock exams from now - with scores of less than 65%… Has anyone else experienced the difficulty of these questions? Or am I just getting used to the ‘Schweser way’ of life… GTLA

I am the complete opposite. Doing great on CFAI, bad on Book 6 and 7.

about to take cfa sample #3!

Yeah, my scores are not higher than 60% in the mocks exams, while the books were over 80%. I am feeling very frustrated now. It is not like I dont know the material, but the tricky questions have been very tough.

comm, im in the same boat you are.

I am in the opposite place. 62% and 63% in the firsts two book 7 exams; and 75% on both mock exams from CFA.

I think that it is a good practice to take the sample exams from different sources (Q bank, book 6 and 7, and CFAI). It helps prepare you for all kinds of different questions on the exam. This is my opinion: Q bank: Mostly straight and to the point, good for testing conceptual knowledge. Book 6 and 7: Takes more in depth thinking to come to the answer. CFAI: Seemed like a mix between the two with both types of questions.