Book for Econometrics

Hi there, I am looking for a book about basics in econometrics. I have a finance background and dontt feel prepared in it. I guess I dont to calculate it but to use it. What about Peter Kennedy “A Guide to Econometrics” ?

Try “Essentials of Econometrics” by D. Gujarati. Excellent book in my opinion.

i have read both. Kennedy is certainly better for beginners and even intermediate. they try to explain concepts in words.

I love “Introductory Econometrics” by Barreto and Howland.

I really liked Jeffrey Wooldridge’s “Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach” and used in classes I taught. I thought that Wooldridge had a great balance between giving the mathematics required and explaining the intuition behind the methods. He also had a nice diversity of examples from all over economics and sociology, which can help when you have to try to deal with qualitative factors.

Introductory Econometrics for Finance by Chris Brooks. Shows you how apply the concepts he’s covering using Eviews and whatever the other popular softward programme is…RATS I think it’s called.

Econometric Analysis by William Greene…you’ll love it:) ditto for the Gujarati textbook, excellent^2… Agree with Frank but I’d stay away for the Kennedy for now, it’s an amazing supplemental book, a must have. Whenever I have a problem with a concept I go to Kennedy. "I guess I don`t to calculate it but to use it. " then don’t even start…if you don’t have time and energy to learn the basics log on to (seriously)

I’ll second Wooldridge - its very cleary written and good for beginners. Green is indeed excellent, but it doesn’t sound like the original poster has the linear algebra background necessary. I’ve never liked Kennedy’s book (and totally unrelated to the quality of his book, from my grad school experience, he’s a bit of prick)

And I would say that the above just proves that the Econometrics text book market is really competitive which means that it is like finding a good meal in NYC - not at all hard and only a matter of price.

Gotta go with 2x2equals4. Gujarati was a very strong textbook.

Gujarati is a great reference for methods, but if you’re just starting out, I find his writing a bit opaque.

I like Wooldridge as well as he tends to emphasize interpretation a lot. It’s a great book esp if you’re looking for someting more practical at a beginner level.

I just bought Greene and Gujarati. Both cover the econometric landscape pretty well. Greene assumes you have some background in matrix algebra and calculus whereas Gujarati does not. Greene gets more into the math theory and math presentation of econometrics but Gujarati is more of pure *applied* econometrics without the maths. If you know stats but are weak in maths, go with Gujarati between these two texts. The publisher’s website for Gujarati has many data sets in multiple formats if you want to replicate the work in the textbook.