Book I am reading...

1Q84, the new Haruki Murakami book.

It’s very very good…

I just read a review for 1Q84. Sounds interesting. I’m about a quarter of the way through American Gods at the moment. I’m making my way through NPR’s top 100 Sci Fi list.

American Gods was good, go Shadow, go Odin.

reading Murakami books is about as painful and simplistic as it gets.What an overrated writer. The books are littered with American cultural references and lists of obscure jazz and classical composers for no apparent reason

American Gods was pretty good, although I wish I had been more familiar with most of the god references. Did make for some fun research during and after though.

Yeah, I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I like it so far. Just finished Ender’s Game, which was awesome. Only took a couple days to zip through. Good stuff.

Nerd Alert! I just read “The Beach” while on the beach in Thailand. Pretty low quality literature but entertaining enough considering my setting.

Is Murakami the same author that wrote ‘Norwegian Wood’? I’m reading Born to Run, and will move onto Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan next. I definitely enjoy reading business/economic books but I don’t understand people that work in that industry 11hrs a day and then go home and read those books religiously after work or on weekends. Broaden your horizons people!!

any recommendations?

yeah even i am guilty of this …its been about 5 books ago since i read a non business related book…any good suggestions?

What genres do you guys like?

I like to read most genres. I recently read American Rust, which was okay. Last really great read was White Teeth a few months ago (came out quite a while ago, though). I think next I am going to read some modern classics that I somehow avoided in college. For anyone that likes podcasts, The New Yorker selected shorts series is great. It is an author selecting a work by another author that influenced them and reading it.