book recommendation

are there any economics books out there that take you through the clinton era to the present? while i lived during this time i was young and didnt really pay attention/care…which i highly regret…and would like to recount some of the economic policy during his and w’s administration…greenspans policies…etc

any recs?

In An Uncertain World- Bobby Rubin


“The Amateur” (full title is The Amateur – Barrack Obama in the White House) by Edward Klein is the latest book not exactly talking about the era you have mentioned historically but does highlight some of the behind-the-scene going ons and wheeling-dealing during this period and is quite an interesting reading.

It is more of a political analysis than historical review. Klien has also compared Mr. Obama with some previous Presidents like JF Kennedy and Widrow Wilson. As a non-US person I found quite a lot to agree (specially about the current Us President) with the conclusions of the book.