hi I found a study book on my local library shelf. Since I havent registered, can anyone check for me if it’s the standard book provided by CFA as the main reading material? Also , note that it’s published in 2006 and im sitting for 2008 Dec level 1, would it be an okay-read? CFA fundamentals : the Schweser study guide to getting started / by Dr. Bruce Kuhlman, CFA, 2006

No it’s a book that Schweser publishes for people who aren’t ready to jump into their standard study guides for LI. It’s essentially the stuff that you are expected to know before you begin the program.

okay, thanks. what about these 3…are they the standard readings or just randoms sold on the market? is 2008 syllabus very different from those in 2006? 1. InsidersChoice to CFA 2007 level I certification : The candidate’s guide to Chartered Financial Analyst learning outcome statements / authors, Jane Vessey, M. Afdal Pamilih ; contributing author, David Stewart. 2. ExamInsight for CFA 2006 level I certification : the candidate’s guide to chartered financial analyst learning outcome statements / Jane Vessey. 3. Examwise for CFA 2006 level I certification : the candidates question and answer workbook to chartered financial analyst 2006 level-I / Jane Vessey, M. Afdal Pamilih, David Stewart.