Book6 exams

Anyone knows if the Book 6 exams are more/less difficult than the real thing? What would be the mimimum score we should get on these practice exams in order to pass the real exam? I just finised I-morning and got 80%.

I don’t believe it’s possible to measure it in that way. You might get 80% on one, 60% on another, and still be in good shape for the real thing. Remember that it is more about a relative scale, how well others are doing on the same exam. If you know you’re score constantly is above average on Book 6, then you might feel more at ease. Make sure you know how to “take” the questions quickly and effectively, and read or do as many exams as you can possible muster and you’ll probably be fine. If you experience a time crunch towards the end, you may even start to read questions and the corresponding answers without “having a go” at them, simply to learn the style of how the questions are worded and to learn what they’re after. Every little thing helps.

I know this isn’t going to help at all. But I know someone who was getting 50’s and 60’s and passed the real thing.

I got just got an 80% on a 120 question, CFA weighted, advanced only Qbank test and scored 75% on the last exam in book6. I did have a week’s worth of studying in between those 2 results…which gives me hope that my studying is paying off… I think if you avg around 80% on all sample test (schweser and CFAI samples) you will crush the level I

Long, not to rain on your parade or anything, but I don’t Schweser’s ‘advanced’ questions are all that advanced at all. Even I do well on those and I can assure you my prep to date is not where it should be. Kudos on the 75% on book 6 though. When did you start taking practice exams?

yea i agree, Qbank advanced arent that advanced. I started doing practice exams about a month ago, about 1 exam a week.