Books Edition

Hey guys,

So I have these CFAI books but they are all 2014 edition. I have that financial constraints to buy the new ones.

That being said, how different are the contents between 2014 edition and 2015 edition? Is it safe enough to just studying from the 2014 edition while I am going to take the exam in June 2016?

If you only have the 2014 cfa books and not study provider materials, i do not think it is a good idea.

If you have 2014 study provider books for L1, i think it would be sufficient.

L1 has so much material, I recommend study provider books. Keep in mind you can note the changes from year to year of LOS online too–if it has changed a lot, may have to get new books

Doesn’t CFAI provide the curriculum in electronic form as part of the registration fee?

@Bengraham I have the 2014 and 2015 versions of the books and they’re almost identical in every single way. I haven’t noticed any differences in either of them.

I would strongly advise against purchasing the 2015 versions .