Books For CFA Level 1 And Where To Buy In UK

Does anyone know what schweser material is needed for Level 1 and where to buy these from the UK? I did not see anything on Amazon or Foyles

Heres what I have been looking for with no luck. Schweser CFA 2008 Level 1 Complete Set of Study Notes (5 volumes), 2 books of practice exams and 1 laminated quick sheet. Any ideas?

when you sign up for L1 with CFA about 3.5 seconds later your inbox will be bombarded with approx 17,000 offers from Schweser and a few other 3rd party vendors. Schweser alone as 746 different combos of packages of materials - just for L1 good luck!

so errrr… this then: http://tiny remove the space.

You can buy the study material (Schweser Essential Package) for Level 1 for June 09 examinations from Kaplan at Moorgate,Finsbury Tower in October. The prices are GBP 295 excl. delivery of GBP 25. You can collect them and waive the delivery charges. Also if you join any course you can buy the study material (Schweser Essential Package) for £225. All these details were passed to me on the Open Evening held at Kaplan in Bank Station on 2nd September. Check out the Kaplan website for further details. Cheers Sumo

Thanks all Are there any books apart from the Schweser that can be used in preparation for the exam? Are 2008 books ok for a 2009 exam (Level 1) as someone in the office has a copy of this.

Hi Joey, Personally, I think Schweser updates the Quest bank and Texts on an annual basis. There might be changes in the Accounting standards required for Financial Reporting. I would wait until October and get the studyy material from Kaplan. Stalla is another approved provider of CFA study material . Also you will get the curriculum once you have registered with them.

“can I use previous year’s notes” is a really common question. I think the answer is only if you are using CFAI as your primary study source and using schweser for backup. Otherwise no. I think the cost of notes is far outweighed by the added risk of failure. If they ask questions on the 10% or whatever that has changed, and you are only using last year’s notes then you just add an extra probability of failure, which brings delay and extra exam fees. Suck it up, pay the money and work hard.

Thanks guys - Thats very helpful. When are the Level 1 exams for 2009? June 2009 and Dec 2009? Also to become CFA (assuming part time) is it realistic to have completed all the material in 18 months? ie 6 months per level

I would suggest you to check out the CFA website as you will find all the details over there.