books for financial modelling and company valuation in excel

guys, im trying to learn about financial modeling / company valuation in excel. I know my finance stuff but when it comes to excel, aside from basic functions, regression and basic statistics, I don’t know anything else. I am looking for some kind of a self study guide/ manual to use with ms excel that would help teach me forecasting, modelling, valuation etc. thank you Viktor

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thank you sir

anybody here have the buddycode for WSP??

An ex-colleague of mine wrote this I’ve never read it, but I imagine it will give you a good introduction to financial modelling in Excel. Though you’ll most likely need something else to go from project finance to company valuation. Still at $40 it will be cheaper than a course.

I bought WSP and I’m working through it right now. Here’s the buddy code for Wall Street Prep - REF8041 Get 15% off.

My WSP code is 2 8 6 6 Willy

Shob, Willy, others that have done the WSP self study course: What did you think? Did you learn a lot for the money. I have no modeling experience and am considering purchasing this program. Thanks.

Moto - I’m taking it right now and think it’s very helpful. I went with the basic $200 option because I was a little hesitant on shelling out $500. Although, I spoke with the company and then told me that at any time I could purchase the entire package (Discounted Cash Flow) for the remaining $300. So there’s a little less risk. Also, he mentioned that this is the training material that Goldman Sachs uses in its analyst training program. Not sure I believe that though - maybe a fellow GSer could verify.

The material is definitely good if you have no experience at all. I bought it primarily for the resume value. I have done a lot of heavy excel modelling work on the job, but not exactly i-banking type modelling. So, I was more interested in the valuation modelling package. They have a small test you can take online, after which you can say you have a “certificate in financial & valuation modelling” from WSP. I figured that would help my resume more than just saying “I learnt valuation modelling from a friend” or “I have no life so I study valuation modelling in my spare time”. But - it is self study. They have an option to go online and talk to people (staff / forum?) for I think a year or so, but I haven’t tried that yet.

I’ll say this… I paid about $500 for the WSP Premium Package and I found it that it takes you from Zero to psuedo hero in the optimal amount of time. 3 hours a night and you’ll be modeling in about a Month. But don’t think that a course [any course] will make you an expert financial model builder. NO DOUBT…WSP will help. However, the best prep is getting an ER gig. Willy