Books like Trainspotting

Suh dude…

So I just finished the book Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh… I highly recommend. his control of vernacular is simply brilliant. I really enjoy the genre niche he operates in. Ive been researching to find similar writers/books that I can read… obviously I can read some of his other books, but I don’t like to read one writer’s work consecutively (weird pet peeve, I know).

Can anyone point me in a solid direction?

Charles Bukowski is better than Trainspotting.

Angelina Jolie is better than Charles Bukowski

greenie likes her too - here’s his truck

She has no boobies. Salma Hayek better.


Pic says more than thousand words…


Emmanuelle Chriqui “Sloan” is GOAT…

Cheers, brotha… Ill look into to some of his work.

I think Irvine Welsh is pretty much one of a kind. Have you read the prequel and sequel to trainspotting, Skagboys and Porno? They’re fucking great too.

I’ve only read The Post Office and wasn’t particularly enamoured with it. any recommendations?

There are 3 autobiographic books:

“Ham on Rye”

“Post Office”


But I’d recommend before reading those to read some his short novellas books just to see whether you like it or not 'cause Bukowski isn’t of everybody’s taste.

Thus, try with

“South of No North”

“All the Assholes in the World and Mine”

“More Notes of the Dirty Old Man”

“Tales of ordinary Madness”


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I thought Post Office lacked any sort of depth to it. Was just this monotonous, rhythmic grind of a life without much thought given to anything. Or was that the point? the working class life?

In fairness I still read it in pretty much 1 sitting.