Books lost in flight luggage.

I lost my books on Financial statement analysis from CFAI and Schweser in flight. Does anybody know if I have a way to get just those books without paying for the whole set of books? koch.

call them…

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I am not sure about CFAI text book, but you should be able to buy the Schweser one… Did you check back with the flight attendants for “Lost & found”…

I filed a lost/delayed luggage report. I wish if I could buy just those books from CFAI and Schweser.

I think Joey wants to know it you were on Oceanic flight 815

What a nightmare. Don’t forget to post the answer to your initial questions. With all that number of candidates worldwide, I’m sure you’re not alone in facing this problem. Has the FSA curriculum changed a lot between the years? If not, maybe you could use a 2007 Level I book. As for Schweser, you might have access to the PDF-version through your Schweser account, and may access it right away.

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You can actually get the books on Ebay but the whole set, of course, and i don’t think it’s that pricey either cos there must be alot of people out there, who registered and realised they made a big mistake.

You should be able to get the PDF file version for the book from Schweser, if you talked to them. For the CFAI text book - check with your local CFA society. I know in Washington DC they have multiple copies of the book available, which you can get on a weekly basis on a returnable deposit. When I did level I last year, though I had the original text book – most of my studying for FSA was from the Stalla / Schweser guides, and for those sections when you need to refer the text book (for the back of the chapter problems and some references as and when needed go to the Society route, if that is available). You could also call and ask the CFAI if there is some other option available to you. Best of luck in your studies. CP

Thanks everybody for all the inputs… Thanks CPK I just got my luggage today. CPK- I agree that PDF have notes, but it doesn’t have the concept checker questions.

Good you got your luggage… Did you get the lost books too?

unni,hope you got your books back/ found a wayout. All the best