Bookshelf reader ROTS

As if studying for this ridiculous exam is not hard enough, I have to deal with a buggy, unreliable reader. I have contacted Bookshelf support and let’s just say I could read through a long CFAI chapter before they get back to me. I can’t afford the additional expense for the print version, and I actually adjusted well to reading entire texts on a screen, but the disfunctionality is cramping my study style.

  • Navigating through the text is a laborious chore, ie going back to referene the LOS or something.

  • Sometimes the jump to page works, sometimes it freezes.

  • I had a problem with highlighter not working in the downloaded version on my tablets, uninstalled and reinstalled, more than once, and then finally it worked

  • Highlighting in the online version just disappeared from my tablets, so now i’m forced to use the slow and prone to freezing downloaded version.

There, I put it out there. Anyone finding the same?