BOOM IS pARTY over 4 me???

Just today took the 1st CFAI mock and my score is around 76%(although it used to be in 80’s when i was solving schweser q bank).Is it natural???Are CFAI mocks difficult then schweser q bank??How does one compare the actual difficulty of CFAI mocks vs Schweser q bank vs Actual exam???Pls advice


Yes CFAI mocks are difficult more than CFA exams and Schweser mocks too.And you have scored very good.

Best of Luck for the Exam Day.

I would say that the exams are a little bit different but not one is harder than the other. Just make sure you’ve completed all the exams.

Also, stop annoying people by coming on here and asking if your 76% , 80% or whatever is good enough. The answer is: IF you are consistently getting over 70% in your mock exams then you almost certainly pass.

Read your book, study a little bit more and keep doing questions to keep it fresh in your mnd. You will do fine.

Couldn’t agree more with this. I use to get really agitated when I saw these post. Over 70% in a CFAI mock with a month to go is almost a sure pass. CFAI mocks are always way harder than the real exam. But since this is a level 1 forum I guess the OP wouldn’t know that. I’ve yet to ever break 70% on a CFAI mock during my studies, at all levels.

Thanks for the advice.

Being a level 1 candidate i have no idea of "What "is a good score to pass!!Any ways sorry if you got irritated.

Thanks for such a valuable advice.


Rahul… watch some cricket. It will be good for your nerves. I am watching although I scored only 49% … LOL