Hey all, Just curious if anyone uses nifty calculator tricks for bootstrapping. I am looking for various ways to shave time off my test as I tend to test slow :frowning: (I currently use the BA II) Thank you and good luck!

hmmm i use a TI, but im afraid i just do it manually… i dont know how to use the memory, so i use a helluva lot of brackets (())(())(())(())

I’m doing this off memory… If you have (1+.04/2)^2 (1+.x/2)^4 = (1+.05/2)^6 I think I just push these: 1 enter .05 enter 2 / + enter 6 x^y enter 1 enter .04 enter 2 / + enter x^2 / sqrt(x) sqrt(x) enter 2 * check that. I could be wrong… but my calculator is not handy right now…

wrong calculator… nvm… must be too early…

hmmm, anyone or is it always manual?

its manual boss, but rest assured, if you see a question that requires the math, it won’t involve your discounting more than 3 or 4 periods…wouldn’t be fair to make us punch into the calculatior for 5 minutes only to find you made a ( ) error and screwed it all up.