Bored...Thinking of part-time consulting

So, while I continue on the fun journey that is unemployment, I’d like to occupy my time since there is only so many jobs in the geography I want that I can apply to during the day.

That being said has anyone used consulting P2P websites such as Upwork, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, to advise on a part time basis? I’ve read very mixed reviews about Upwork but it seems to be biggest.

As always, input is appreciated!

I’ve looked at Freelancer as an employer. You will be competing against people with much lower costs of living than yourself, so you should gear yourself towards activities that being fluent in English is a significant barrier to entry.

do you collect unemployment?

edit: did you share why you quit/were fired?

Nah, I do not collect. It’s like 250 dollars max a week regardless what your income is, ie a joke.

I don’t believe so, I was let go on paper, but I caused it on purpose via insubordination in an e-mail that my boss, bosses boss, and senior management were copied on.

Basically, I had enough PTO built up to go to Asia for 3 weeks but was denied the request for really no reason at all so I challenged it and insinuated I was going anyway. Pretty closed door policy in the three years I was there, no mentorship, and declining culture generally so it was time to move on.

You’ll make more money signing up to drive a Uber car than you would on those websites.

You were competing in a financial consulting capacity with these foreigners? No offense to them, but I think if a company or individual in the US is looking for something like cash flow modeling, accounting advice, or similar, the last thing they want to do is waste time trying to organize collaborative effort that takes way longer than it should because the person they hired can’t speak English. Could be wrong though, never done this before

My friend who is a tech recruiter with Amazon out in Seattle told me this morning those websites mostly suck so I think I am seeing a theme here

There are Indians who employ other Indians and all they do every day is build cash flow models, do accounting, etc. A couple of my friends on the sell side have Indians build their models for them. It’s very common at the bigger banks from what I hear. They even employ internal teams of Indians to do stuff that associates used to do.

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There are many freelance jobs sites where you can post jobs and request for new service. You can find them based on many tags like a type of service, location, and other categories.

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