Boston area -- Level 3 -- 2020 exam

Looking for other Level 3 folks in the greater Boston area interested in forming some kind of study group.

I worked with a study group for Level 1 (in another city) and found it to be incredibly helpful – both in terms of having other people to work out the concepts with and in terms of preserving sanity.

I’d be interested! I’m taking the Level 3 exam for the second time. I think having a study group would be extremely helpful.

Arg92 - I sent you a private message.

Any other takers? With 3 people I think we can officially call it a “group” :slight_smile:

I can offer: 1. perspective on Schweser materials, 2. obnoxiously detailed flashcards, and 3. a never-ending supply of healthy snacks.

Hi - can you please add me to Whatsapp Level 3 Group?

Hey - we don’t have a “group” yet per se, but I’ll DM you with my email… let’s do this!

We’re getting a critical mass, people – jump on board!

Hi! Could you DM me as well? Thank you!