Boston-Area Testing Centers

What has your past experience been like with the Boston testing center? Have you heard of candidates from the Boston area taking the test at different centers such as Providence or Portland?

I took my tests in Boston. The test center is usually in the Boston convention center in seaport. Big open room with 2k+ people taking level 1, 2, and 3 for the June test. Problems comes from the sheer number of people taking the exam.


  • Don’t drive, only one lane so you will waste time getting in and out of the garage

  • Long lines to the bathroom so don’t drink alot of liquids

  • Bring your own lunch because lines for lunch will be long, dont eat alot either because of the sheer number of people peeing on the seats, i usually bring one or two protein bars

  • It’ll take time to collect tests/distribute materials, etc. so it will cut into your lunch time

  • Girls aren’t that hot

But i liked running into people I knew and catching up also had folks to get wasted with after the exam which was the best part of exam day. Driving to another city, parking, renting a hotel room is going to costs atleast $150 bux and thats my drinking money.

That’s not just a Boston problem.