Boston Bathroom situation at the exam center

For people taking the exam in Boston, I’ve never seen such a conundrum. Four stalls in the test center for probably over 3000 males taking the exam. I got to the test center at 8:10 and it took me over 35 minutes to wait in line to get to the bathroom. At this point the proctors were verbally telling people to get back to their seats so I sucked it up and went back ( had to hold it in for the AM section of level 3).

There were a few unfortunate souls that couldn’t hold it and had a formal violation written to the CFA Institute.

I understand the proctors situation and that people waiting in line were in violation of rules, but the bathroom situation at the venue was the worst I’ve seen in my three years taking the exam. Feel bad for those written up.

Go on…

Another sink story?

I think some dude got arrested for going to the bathroom while not being in the bathroom.

I see your point. they were just still in line. So no arrest just a nice violation of CFA exam policies which means there exam results could be voided.

Couldn’t he have just pleaded his dire circumstance with the proctor guarding the women’s room? Maybe she’d look the other way if you were visibly in distress and moments away from crapping yourself.

However, if the guy got arrested for simply just sitting in his seat and crapping himself without putting any effort into relieving the situation, then good riddance sir. You’re not mature enough to manage money.

Just another form of exam pressure, imposed by the CFAI… San Diego was just as bad, one men’s toilet with two stalls for a crowd of about 1,000, estimated about 75% men. There were about 30 guys in line for the stalls about 8:40, so I’m sure most of them didn’t make it. Seems like some sort of a health code violation, but CFAI probably is more concerned about a higher possibility of cheating with more bathrooms.

WTF, 1 toilet for 1000 people?

IMO, CFA should allow people to bring empty bottles to this exam testing center. Women can have exceptionally a funnel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read somewhere that you’re allowed to take restroom breaks during testing. Is that not true?

So you’re saying many Boston CFA candidates were cited for sh*tting and peeing everywhere for lack of bathrooms? You should call the newspapers about this.

Yeah you can.

here’s my toilet drama during this year’s exam. So I was walking to the men’s toilet and was stopped by the Proctor who asked me: “Stop. Will you be standing or sitting?”

Like what does it matter? Is it a code violation if I stand to do a Number 2 or sit if I do a Number 1? sheesh!

Wear an adult diaper.

Yeah, but they don’t stop the clock while you’re dropping a constitutional…!

LOL… you’re lucky he didn’t say he had to do a visual inspection while you did your business.

Stories like this are terrible. For what it’s worth, Dallas had a pleasant exam experience (at least as far as bathrooms go). :slight_smile:

Take your crap @ home!


Honestly this is the best advice. Also, avoid foods that you know will make you need to use the restroom for breakfast and lunch that day.

what if you have IBS?

Try this before the exam… colonic massage…