Band 9 last year looking to ace June 2014. Anyone interested?

Yes i am interested …but in online discussion

I am currently studying for CFA L1 and I fully expect myself to pass. I would definitely be interested in a study group for L2 afterwards. Are you in Boston or the all the common, “just outside of Boston”?

Also, if you’re interested in helping me with L1 at all (I guess it would be a good review for you?) I would gladly appreciate the assistance.


PS- I’m a recent nescac grad with a background in economics, specifically financial economics, and am currently working in financial services. No kids, easy work scheule, and nothing but time.

I recently signed up for Level I (June 2014). If you’re interested in forming a study group in the Boston area, I’d be interested in joining.

CPIM_guy: I’ve been looking for someone in the Boston area for awhile now! What’s your e-mail, let’s see what we can do.




Looking to start a study schedule around Nov.

I just sent you an email cipm - lets get this group formed.

AF/CIPM_guy - I am a Boston based L1 candidate as well. Can I join your group?

Hello yajk,

Sure. I was looking to meet weekly (preferably on Sunday mornings) in town to go over the in chapter and EOC problems. I haven’t heard from AK in a while but, if you’re intereted let me know. Let me know your availability.

Sure CIPM_guy. My email address is Please send me a test email and we can work out the details. Thanks!

yajk - I sent you an email. Thanks.