Boston, December Level 1 Study Group

Hey guys,

This is Dennis and I’m relatively new to this blog and the world of finance. I will be studying for the CFA Level 1 and taking it this coming December. Would love to meet up once every week or two to review concepts. Please share your email and I will go ahead and set up a schedule.

Looking forward to meeting more Level 1 Candidates!



Hi Dennis

I am studying for the level 1 - December exam, as well. I am fairly new to the finance world, myself. is my email address.


Hey Vijay,

Awesome. It’s great meeting you and I will go ahead and email you. Hopefully more people reply. The more the merrier.


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Hi guys,

I’m moving to Boston in a month, have already started studying for the Dec exam, and like you, I’m totally new to finance. I’d be thankful to be informed of any meetups you might plan, and wish to join your study group when I’m settled in Boston. My e-mail:



Hi everyone,

I am registered and currently studying for the CFA L1 for December 2014. If a study group/meetup has formed, would you please email me the details? Email:

Thanks and good luck!


Hey Dennis, Vijay, Maja, and everyone else!

I’m also registered and currently studying for the CFA Level 1 for Dec 2014. I’m 24 currently working full time as a tax analyst and would love to join your study group! Let me know when and where you all meet up.

Email me here: